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Wake Up With #TheCousins And Their Twisted #Deathpool ☠️

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Cousin Mike and Cousin Murray don't get no respect. Cousin Trysta had the audacity, or CHUTZPAH as we like to say around here, to say on last Monday's show, that if either of them were to ever catch the 'Rona, it'd be lights out for #TheCousins ⚰️.

Dead. Six feet under. Belly up. TOIT.

PRO TIP: ask to be buried belly down so when someone comes to visit, they have a place to park their bike 🍑🚲.

(That's what my Zaida used to say 😂. And luckily for you, Zaida jokes >>>>> Dad jokes.)

Here is everything you need to know about the #Deathpool.

  1. Nobody from Barstool is eligible to be placed on the list so don't even try it buddy.

  2. Picks are taken for the week on Monday.

  3. There is a small list of quick picks available, in case the person you want is taken.

  4. "You cannot pick a name and kill that person," as per Cousin Murray.

  5. When someone expires, so do the picks and the pool starts over.

Winner gets a special #TheCousins mug.

These are the people who have already been taken, in no particular order.


Betty White

Bob Barker

Mel Brooks

Dick Van Dyke

Cloris Leachman

Clint Eastwood

Larry King

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Jeff Bridges

Dolly Parton

Tony Bennett

Jane Fonda

Willie Nelson

The Queen

Prince Philip

Bob Dole

Angus Young

Lou Holtz

Nicolas Cage

Ghislaine Maxwell

Harvey Weinstein

Bill Cosby


John Goodman

Robert Redford

Joe Biden

Ozzy Osbourne

Christopher Lloyd

Warren Buffet

Artie Lang

This is the full and complete #Deathpool for the dates of November 16th - November 30th.

I'm not going to lie, it's kind of depressing to start off the WEEK with a long list of celebs people think are going to kick the bucket next 🥴. Especially when so many of them are fan favourites 🥺.

Maybe we should rethink the Monday morning thing.

However after I found that picture of Rodney Dangerfield's tombstone, I watched this video of his best one-liners. I highly, highly recommend finding 24 minutes in your day to watch it if you really wanna laugh.

But what do I know? I'm just like Rod and #TheCousins.

I don't get no respect neither.

Hope to see you all (and everyone in the pool) next Monday! 🍒🍀


Bubby Tay

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