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Unofficial Petition to Change Name of New England Patriot from Julian Edelman to Edelmensch

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

All those in favor, say Oye! 🙋‍♀️

Julian Edelman has a very recognizable punim. The squirrely wide receiver has published multiple books, won THREE SuperBowl titles with the New England Patriots, and was the first Jewish player to be named SuperBowl MVP. It's no wonder they call him Incredelman.

I haven't even mensch-ened his pizza reviews with Barstool's Dave Portnoy, a fellow tribe member who puts just as many asses in just as many seats. Edelman was the one with schmutz on his face saying "one nibble; everyone knows the laws" to an eye-rolling pres. Listening to them kvetch was somehow hotter than the dreck 🍕 they were eating.

3 x Superbowl Champion. All-Time Mensch.

Julian Edelman officially secured his spot as the #1 draft pick in my Jewish mother's fantasy league (a very close tie with Portnoy). Sporting a Star of David necklace on the reg and those dimples, he has always been high on the list. But what really won her over was the Instagram video Jules posted on Thursday addressing the recent comments made by Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson.

Edelman, whose father is Jewish, has always been a strong supporter of the Jewish people. He has spoken out about his faith in the past, including documenting his travels to Israel (Yalla!) and honouring the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting (ע״ה) #strongerthanhate.

As one of the few Hanukkah-celebrating players in the NFL, Edelman felt compelled to respond to Jackson's comments. And he did so in a way that should be applauded.

There was no hatred in his voice or in his message. His tone was genuine and kind.

Rather than attack or accuse, Edelman took the high road. He chose to use his platform for good and turn this incident into an opportunity to help ignite growth and learning to those willing to listen.

And that takes a real mensch.

His invitation for Jackson to accompany him to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and in turn go to an important place of Jackson's choosing shows that he not only wants to help educate Jackson (and others), but also himself.

With all the mishigas going on in the world right now, we are starting to hold players more accountable for their actions both in and out of uniform. We're at a point in time where the name on our back holds more weight than ever. Or, in my case, tuchus.

In Edelman's case, it wasn't just that he responded, but how well he responded. Thank goodness because these shorts took me a really long time to make and they are too cute to ever throw out.


Taylor Cooperband

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