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The Barstool Sports Black Friday Sale (& Show) Is Almost Over So Get In Loser We're Going Shopping🛍

Who doesn't love a good sale? Like, seriously?

I know it's Cyber Monday but it sure feels like Hanukkah in July right now 🥳.

If you're a little late to the party, and by party I mean seder, I am one of the "The Chosen People." No big deal 💁‍♀️. A member of the tribe (M.O.T.), if you will ✡️️.

So of course I love me a good sale. Especially this one.

Much like Hanukkah (and some of my previous relationships), this Barstool Sports Black Friday sale is lasting way longer than it's supposed to. You have until the end of today to score 20% almost everything in the entire store 🤑.

And if anyone knows anything about moichandising, it's our fearless founder and president Dave Portnoy. Fellow M.O.T. Mel Brooks may have also played a President in "Spaceballs," but Yogurt is definitely Stool Presidente's spirit animal.

Unboxing vibes, anyone??

Like Yogurt says, "Merchandising is where the real money is made."

Maybe it's because Pres lit a fire under everyone's tuchus with that email slash metaphorical Spaceballs flamethrower, but everyone in the company listened. Looks like nobody wants to be Hey Buddy'd on the next Dave Portnoy Show, although we all know it's inevitable. (My money's on YP and Large 🤭.)

And not only can you score all this dope merch while keeping some extra gelt in your pocket, you can also be endlessly entertained in the meantime until it arrives.

Many of the Barstool personalities, in true Barstool fashion (pun intended), spent the weekend creating personalized content for people who helped support the company through the sale.

Here are some of my favourite offers. (In no particular order but saving the best for last.)

After being called out by the big boss man with said Spaceballs flamethrower, Large stepped up in a big way. He ordered a Call Her Daddy thong and was sending OnlyFans-type pics of him in it to whoever spent over $1,000 in the store. Sure it seems like a steep price but it's actually a bargain for someone who has "thighs like what, what, what."

Barstool Carl was offering a Fast-and-the-Furious-style "all gas no brakes CAMEO style video of your choosing" which sounds incredible. YOU get to choose everything so the possibilities are truly ENDLESS. Especially when there doesn't seem to be much Carl won't do.

Dana Beers did about a zillion personal beer tweets.

Trysta Krick was doing FaceTimes calls with her sweet pup Emma 🐶.

And Tyler O'Day graced our timelines all weekend with his groovy musical stylings. He was singing 30 seconds of ANY song you requested. He sang everything from "Cats in the Cradle" to "I'm in Love With a Stripper" to "Country Roads" to "WAP" and literally everything in between. Beyonce, Drake, Taylor Swift, Creed, etc. You name it, he sang it. And his little garage sang it beautifully.

The Black Friday Sale is only going on until the end of the day today so it is your LAST CHANCE to snag discounted merch until who knows when. With Hanukkah a mere 10 days away and Christmas just around the corner, do yourself a favour and get your gift-buying done now.

Your wallet will thank you 🤑. Trust me bubala.

Happy shopping!

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