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Steven Cheah Absolutely BODIED Darren Rovell On Twitter And Trust Me Go Get Some Popcorn 🍿

Barstool's Senior NFL Draft Analyst Steven Cheah and the #CheahHive got a not-so-rare W on Twitter last night as he once again proved the size of his impossibly large brain.

And boy does he know how to use it!!

It all started when Cheah, who was feeling rather cheeky, possibly because he claimed to be in the midst of restarting TBSports12🤔, posted a tweet calling out Rovell and his bad math.

Full disclosure: I don't really understand what this little 'tiff' was over. I didn't even try to understand the math part but I guess Rovell got some numbers wrong, which is definitely something Cheah would have never done. Cheah seems like the kind of guy who quadruple checks everything, especially before he tweets it out to the hive.

Which is something you would think Rovell would do before tweeting out a stat to his 2 million followers. But rather than reply with a cute little, "whoops, hand up, my bad!" or an embarrassed gif or WHATEVER, all Rovell wrote back was "not my work." Taking zero accountability and basically admitting he doesn't even have control over what gets posted on his social media. Tsk tsk...

Cheah, ever the mensch, tweets back asking how he is supposed to explain this to his family. You can't just go around all willy-nilly getting things wrong and not take any blame.

Rovell fires back with a DIRECT SHOT. Accusing Cheah of only "potentially" getting the right amount (which we all know he did), he then seems to play the victim card saying that as least he credited the people who did the work. The wrong work, let's not forget.

Cheah was NOT going to back down. Not last night. With receipts in hand, Cheah answers back saying not only did he get everything right using just his noggin and nuthin else 🧠, he also throws a little jab at Rovell for @ing Spotrac like a good little brown noser 💩👃.

That's rich, bro.

As you can see, it gets a little heated (but not heated heated.) Just heated for two of Twitter's biggest sports nerds. You can easily see here how both Cheah and Rovell deal with conflict. "Do whatever you want my man. Congrats on your tweet. Big day." Rovell gives off big "go hang out with your friends, have fun!" girlfriend vibes, when we all know she, in fact, doesn't actually watch him to have any fun. She wants him to have the opposite of fun.

Rovell takes the more passive-aggressive approach, whereas Cheah clearly likes to address things head-on and talk about them before they turn into something. Like this whole thing did. Sweeping things under the rug is obviously not something that's done in the Cheah household. If you just talk it out, you can nip it in the bud before it blows out of proportion.

It might not have been worth an evening of back and forth for Rovell but it was for the #CheahHive, watching Cheah stuff Rovell in a metaphorical high school locker.

This round has to go to Cheah. Enjoy, King! 👑 And on Tom Brady's birthday no less. 🐐

Mazel tov!! Better luck next time Rovell (and @Spotrac!)

P.S. Check out Cheah's Top 100 players of 2021 here and just see how many mistakes you find 👀. I'll wait.

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