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PSA from Barstool Bubby: If You Don’t Know How To Do The Accent, Please Call Him ENRIQUE Hernandez

I can’t stress enough how important the accent is when referring to Boston Red Sox player Enrique Hernandez’s nickname, Kiké.

When I first saw his name come across my twitter, even though there was an accent, I was still a little taken back. His twitter name @kikehndez is even a little jarring since you can’t put accents in handles (although @Twitter should really make an exception for his.)

His nickname is so dangerously close to that nasty word Meyers Leonard infamously got in trouble for saying on a livestream. The hard K.

If you’re unable to figure out how to do the acute accent (é), the solution is easy: PLEASE CALL HIM ENRIQUE. But let me try to help because if I can figure it out, so can anyone.

If you have an iPhone (I can’t confirm if it’s the same for androids), all you do is HOLD DOWN THE E BUTTON on the keyboard and all the different accent options will pop up. If you’re using a computer, I forget the shortcut code so just google the accent and copy/paste. But I can’t stress enough how important not having the accent is.

I just don’t want you guys to make any innocent mistakes and next thing you know, you’re getting cancelled for being an accidental anti-semite. Or having to delete a tweet like Barstool’s own John Feitelberg had to do the other day.

Just trying to look out for you, bubalas! #kikégate


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