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🗣️🗣️🗣️ Only People Who Went To Medical School Should Be Called Doctors 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ #YoJill

Okay but ARE YOU THOUGH? Are you reeeeally??

Did you complete four years of med school or not, wise g̶o̶y̶ guy? Because unless you did, according to the @CousinMurray School of Hard Knocks 👊, you should not be able to go by the term Doctor. Find a new slant.

As someone whose Dad is an oral surgeon, I tend to have this conversation a lot. Yeah sure he did his residency in the Bronx treating gun shots wounds and shit back in the '80s, but at the end of the day he sort of is just a glorified dentist.

That being said, I have seen him swoop into action a time or two (or three) when hearing a panicked, "IS THERE A DOCTOR ONBOARD???!?!"

My siblings and I usually pipe us and say "wHy? aRe SoMeOnEs WisDoM tEETH ImPaCTeD??" because we're assholes like that but at least he knows what's going on SOMEWHAT.

I'm sorry but if you got your Ph.D. by earning an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities (à la

✌️✌️DOCTOR✌️✌️ Kyle Lowry) and I'm having chest pain, no offence but I'm going to need you to move bitch get out the way and make room for them MDs.

What do YOU think?? Are you #TeamTrysta or Team #TheCousins?

P.S. Thoughts and prayers for my Jewish mother🙏🙏🙏 Three kids and not one of us became a Doctor. Not even a Ph.D. 🙈

Here's to hoping I marry one 🍻🍻

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