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Movie Maven RA Hasn’t Seen You-Know-What Club And People Are Ready to Throw Punches 🥊🥊

Okay, so when I say people, I mean me, and when I say throw punches, I don’t mean punches punches. But after popping my RoughNRowdy 🍒 Friday night and then watching the Khabib-Gaethje fight less than 24 hours later, this little hippie’s Make Love Not War ✌️battlecry has been coming out a little dyslexic these days.

But I am gonna have a B.F. right now. Just a teeny weeny one.

I uncovered suspect information about Rear Admiral of Spittin' Chiclets that I can no longer keep to myself. This guy goes by many names. You probably call him RA. Maybe you're an O.G. and you call him McGoo. Perhaps you befriended him once and are now in a very special 'Charlies 😇 Angels' group chat with him and your bestest friend.

And these are only the nicknames we know about, people.

Not only does this RA guy have a shit ton of nicknames, he wears a lot of hats. 🧢

(And knows how to properly take care of them, too.) When he's not talking puck on the podcast, you can often find him blogging away for the Barstool website about the most random shit you can think of. He's usually introducing you to funky music you should wake up to, giving you some hot pics in his Gambling Corner 🎲, or "Rear-commending" movies, left and right.

You see, RA is probably the biggest Barstool movie expert that is *not* a part of Lights, Camera, Pod. He knows everything about movies, which is why I was SHOCKED when I had the following conversation with one Mr. Brian McGonagle at the Barstool Sports Pond Hockey Tournament on February 29, 2020 in Gravenhurst, Muskoka at 2am. Verbatim.

Me: “Can we please watch You-Know-What Club together so that you can explain it to me?”

And that's when RA says the unthinkable.

“Neva seen it,” he said casually in the thickest Boston accent you’ve eva heard.

(This is what my face looked like when he said it.)

Now, maybe you think this is NBD but this is R friggin' A we're talking about here. Movie man EXTRAORDINAIRE. He was in The Town for crying out loud! He knows all things Boston, Ben Affleck, and, I thought, cinema. Anything gangster, anything with accents, anything with guns. Like, if I were ever given the option to choose my partner on The Dozen Trivia Competition, I'm picking Rear Ad 9 times outta 10.

But if the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton cult classic ever comes up, we're dead in the water.

Unless, that is, RA has seen Shmight Shlub in the meantime. It's been exactly 8 months since we had that conversation and for about 7 of them, we've all been locked up. And for most of those, we didn't have any sports so there's definitely a good chance my friend (and new coworker) I call Charlie has seen the 1999 David Fincher feature since our crazy adventures together in Muskoka.

RA couldn't be reached for comment as of press time. Probably due to the fact I didn't reach out because I didn't want him to tell me not to expose him 😈.

And remember Charlie, no matter what happens, just please don't forget rule #1 🤐.

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