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Jim Florentine's Twitter Account Mysteriously Disappeared And/Or Got Hacked And Nobody Cares But Me

Well maybe other people care but it doesn't look like it. I haven't even texted Jim yet to confirm that he has indeed been hacked and that this is not a publicity stunt or something. Although truth be told, I don't think Jim would even know how to edit his profile if he tried. Also if it is a publicity stunt, he needs a new publicist.

For those of you that have been following me for awhile, you know that I produced Jim's podcast and ran the @EverybodyAwful Twitter, Instagram, and Tik tok accounts from January-April of this year with no help from anybody. I was very much a one-woman show trying to do as much for Jim as I could whilst being trapped in my igloo in Canada.

I was constantly trying to get Jim more publicity, which turned out to be a huge struggle since nobody really knew who I was, even though I signed a Viceroy contract and was technically coworkers with everyone at Barstool.

Jim Florentine deserves way more publicity. When I would tweet things out, people would constantly comment things saying that they didn't even know Florentine worked at Barstool. He deserves to be on the The Dave Portnoy Show and have his podcast and brand promoted.

So today, when I went to tweet @Eddiebarstool to ask him when Jim was going to be on the podcast, imagine my surprise when I couldn't find Jim's beloved @MrJimFlorentine account.

When I couldn't find his page, I typed his name into my Twitter search bar and this is what came up.

This @hestiaxgod is Jim's account. If you check out the instagram page you know it's not our Jim Flo. I don't know who the fuck this kid is, what the hell those moons are (Jim would NEVER) or how in the world this happened. But I know we need to get Jim's account back. All his tweets and replies are gone (hopefully something we can get back) and the only thing visible are his likes.

I'm going to text Jim to make sure that this isn't some bad joke he did on purpose, and if it wasn't him I'm going to need your help getting it back. Jim has been too unappreciated by too many of us for too long. That changes NOW.

We need to spread #Florentinegate awareness and I think the best way to do that is by tweeting at Eddie, Gaz, the Dave Portnoy Show, and @stoolpresidente himself.

We can't stay silent any longer.

Please help me help Jim.

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