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I Tried A Cigar In Jamaica And Got Roasted Harder Than The Stogie I Was Smoking (Upside Down ๐Ÿ™ƒ)

Not me.

I don't know about you, but I haven't smoked that many cigars in my life. Maybe one or two on a random fishing trip.

I was at the corner store in Jamaica today buying sunscreen and a lighter when I saw an entire wall of cigars. They had every flavour. Hennessy-dipped, Rum-dipped, french chocolate, crown royal, etc etc.

I don't know why but I had the biggest urge to buy one. I spent 10 minutes smelling different cigars until I decided I needed the french chocolate. The guy tells me it's $15 USD which we didn't even have at the time but we negotiated a fair price and everyone left happy.

Especially me. I headed to the beach and got ready to spark 'er up. I did ZERO research. I didn't think I needed to. I didn't watch a how to video. I thought all I needed to do was light it.

Here's how it went:

I was getting mixed reviews so I knew I needed a redemption smoke. I headed back to my room so that I could smoke in peace on my balcony and fully CONCENTRATE.

Ta(y)ke 2:

This video didn't seem to redeem me. In fact, it seemed to convict me further. I THOUGHT I had lit the right side of the cigar. I thought you lit the side they cut. I don't know why that made so much sense to me. Leave it to the faithful O'Tayniacs to point out my mistakes.

After further review, and in Classic Tay fashion, I did everything wrong. I lit it wrong. I held it wrong. I smoked the wrong side.

But here's the good news. It's all a teachable moment. I'm taking all the new information I've learned and will come back tomorrow stronger and better than ever.

I've googled and watched how to videos. If you're new to the cigar market like me, here are some useful resources.

Here's an article on how to smoke a cigar like you actually know what you're doing. SOMETHING I COULD HAVE USED ABOUT 8 HOURS AGO. This video is super helpful too.

So while today was SORT OF a bust, I learned a LOT. I will study and practice and be back at it again tomorrow with a new flavour and a new strategy.

In the meantime, I gotta go finish this stogie which has somehow survived the day.

Peace, love, and stoges โœŒ๏ธ

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