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How Many Times Has Dave Portnoy ACTUALLY Been Stung By A Bee? #stinggate🐝

Of all Dave Portnoy's accomplishments, I was always most impressed by the fact that he was a 3x bee sting survivor. THREE WHOLE TIMES. (Well that and the whole "inventing the internet" thing.)

So imagine my surprise when I was watching Dave's latest pizza review and at the 1:50 mark he strugglingly says, "two time bee sting survivor" as he fights off a bee trying to get a taste of that beautiful Bazzarelli pie (or face, I can't tell). He even says "I don't want to make it 3."


I thought it WAS three times, Prez. What gives????

I tried to get to the bottom of this but I could only find proof of one of the alleged three incidents. The day was January 12th, 2018.

Fortunately, Prez lived (PHEW) despite a very scary-sounding 48 seconds 😅. Unfortunately, his link no longer works, which I'm guessing linked to the video or a possible blog about it.

I do believe that Portnoy was in fact stung on Jan 12/18. He tweeted about it twice and there is footage of him somewhere talking about it on Tucker Carlson though I couldn't find the actual video.

I have, however, been UNABLE to find proof of any second and/or third bee stings which I just find strange.

I do believe Dave. I want to believe him. I know he's not a liar. I trust him with my life.

But I am asking for any proof he (or anyone) might have of these incidents.

I do think it's possible that Portnoy misspoke in the pizza review video because he was so scared of there being a possible 4th (or 3rd 🤔) sting. And if that is the case, I totally totally get it.

But if that's not the case, all I'm asking is for Dave to #changehisbio. Being a 2x bee sting survivor is (almost) just as impressive.

We just want answers, Dave.

At the time of publication, nobody from Team Portnoy has responded to the allegations.

What do YOU think? How many times was he actually stung?? Vote below!

(And don't forget to tweet #stinggate🐝 so we can get to the bottom of this.)

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