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Celebrity Death Pool Monday Was Cancelled Today ☠️ We're Laughing at Funny Tombstones Instead ⚰️

After what feels like an ETERNITY, today was not just the first real day of 2021, but, more importantly, it was the return of #TheCousins and the whole Barstool mishpucha on (for the time being 👀) Sirius.

We can all agree, and by we I obviously mean me and Deke Zucker, that "the best hour of the day" is listening to Cousin Mike and Cousin Murray kibbitz from 9-10 on Barstool Radio. For the past few months, Mondays have been #CelebrityDeathPool day around here. If you're more like a second or third cousin and are unfamiliar with the rules, you can read through 'em here.

Basically, like any Death Pool, you pick which celebrity you think is going to die next. Now I have been saying for awhile that I don't love this for a Monday morning. We're up early, it's 9am, the start of the new week, and we have big dreams about the endless possibilities of all the cool things that could happen to us by the weekend.

And then 5 minutes later, we have our cousins, mi familia, calling from all over and picking some of the most beloved human beings on the planet to kick the bucket next. The show ends, everyone says "disconnect" and I'm left crying over the fact that Mel Brooks isn't going to live forever 😢💔.

But the Death Pool sometimes gets cancelled when something serious/tragic has happened. Today it didn't happen because Larry King is sick with COVID-19 in the hospital 😭. But like Cousin Mike said, King has had it all so hopefully he beats this just like he has everything else💪.

Trysta may or may not have said choosing him today would be "a lay-up" 😂 but that's neither here nor there.

Sometimes you have to laugh so you don't cry. Which brings me to the fun part of this blog.

Everything about death and dying is heartbreaking. To say it's a bummer, especially after the year we just had, is an understatement. Going to cemeteries to visit loved ones who are gone is always sad. How often do you laugh when you're in a cemetery? Rarely.

But some people are just funny. And want to make you laugh even when they're gone.

My Zaida Mickey used to love to kibbitz about being buried face down so whenever he had visitors, they always had "somewhere to park their bike." 😂😂😂

That joke got a lot of miles because he would also say if the customers at his jewelry store ever had complaints, "they can come and kiss my ass." Legend ❤️️.

Below is a list I've compiled of more legends. People who engraved their tombstones with funny/unique/interesting epitaphs. Some celebrities, some regular people. Almost all are people you'd want to be friends with.

Funny people rock.

So please enjoy this list of funny people on rocks.

Stay safe out there folks.


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